Sunday, January 25, 2009

Art Smart's Dart Mart

So Knuckles took me to this crazy little shop on Brady Street Art’s Smart Dart Mart cause he needed a new joy buzzer. What I really liked was going to all those little shops afterwards. I decided not to get that purse after all cause I didn’t like  the lining. But I did stop in Annies and picked up the cutest vintage shoes and I even found an old Patty Page record I haven’t heard in years.

Thanks again to Geoff, Dave, Dennis and Paul of King Daddy for the music- an original tune called The Great Sorini. If you're ever on Brady Street in Milwaukee, be sure to check out Art Smart's Dart Mart and Juggling Emporium.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Deck the Halls Rerun

Well it’s that time of year again. We added a little something extra to the Christmas show so be sure to check it out. It seems like only yesterday we was having strangers stare at us and being asked to leave the store. For some reason they got rules about cameras and puppets and stuff around the merchandise. Sheesh.

A special thanks goes out to those talented guys, King Daddy (Dave, Dennis, Geoff and Paul) who not only perform all the music for our show, but make a guest appearance. What would we do without you fellas?

Watch Episode 4: Deck the Halls

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doggie Parade

The other day I took Poopsie to the Brady Street Doggie Parade. There was lots a dogs all dressed up and they had live music. I just put a bow on Poopsie cause I figure being a Majestic North American Schnoodle is special enough without making him wear a scarecrow costume or something. Poopsie even got a whole bunch of fancy treats and I was so proud cause he didn’t try biting anyone.

I think the rain was the last straw for Knuckles so we didn’t get to stick around too long. But if you’re in the area next year you should bring your dog to the parade. Check out the Brady Street website to get on the mailing list.

I almost forgot, this episode features a cameo by Milwaukee’s own Squeezettes. Have a look at their website for free music samples and to see where you can see them live!

Watch Episode 7: Doggie Parade

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Etch-a-Sketch Mona Lisa

Knuckles has a hair-brained scheme to get people watching our show with YouTube. It figures he’d try something like that. Check it out. Here are a couple of his etch-a-sketch drawings. Knuckles is such a show off.

Watch YouTube Promo 01: Etch-a-Sketch Mona Lisa

Knuckles pretends he hates London James' music but deep down I know he kinda likes it. Just the other day I was playin' She Awaits Another from his amazing new CD, London or Bust. Knuckles makes some crack about that "no-talent stuffed shirt." But next morning I find this drawing on the pocket etch-a-sketch sittin' out on my coffee table.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Duke

My Aunt Flossy has a new gentleman friend. Oh brother! And I thought Knuckles was trouble. In case you’re wondering Flossy still hasn’t picked up that parakeet.

A special thanks goes out to dancer, performance artist and guest voice talent Susanne Carter. And I can’t forget to thank King Daddy for stirring up a little something special for the Duke – an instrumental version of Mr. Watusi.

Watch Episode 6: The Duke