Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doggie Parade

The other day I took Poopsie to the Brady Street Doggie Parade. There was lots a dogs all dressed up and they had live music. I just put a bow on Poopsie cause I figure being a Majestic North American Schnoodle is special enough without making him wear a scarecrow costume or something. Poopsie even got a whole bunch of fancy treats and I was so proud cause he didn’t try biting anyone.

I think the rain was the last straw for Knuckles so we didn’t get to stick around too long. But if you’re in the area next year you should bring your dog to the parade. Check out the Brady Street website to get on the mailing list.

I almost forgot, this episode features a cameo by Milwaukee’s own Squeezettes. Have a look at their website for free music samples and to see where you can see them live! Squeezettes.com

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